What our clients are saying

“I have worked closely with Jodi Johnson and her partners on numerous real estate transactions over the course of the past 15 years. I can attest to the high degree of skill, professionalism & integrity she exhibits.”Alan Benjamin Sr. Vice President of Real Estate Partner, Rave Digital Media
“We have worked with Brian Christifulli on a number of transactions over the past several years and have enjoyed his work ethic and tenacity. Brian has a number of key tenant relationships and knows what drives their decision making, which has had a lot to do with his success in cutting to the key issues and getting deals done.”Michael J. Olsen, Chief Financial Officer, Globe Corporation
“Nick Christifulli is the rare developer who can combine the attention to detail with a long-term vision. This leads to a superior product with complementary tenancies, which maximizes value for his investors.”Jeff A. Johnson, Partner, Berenstein, Moore, Heffernan, Moeller & Johnson, L.L.P.