We have built various ground-up projects throughout the US, and have the resources, relationships and expertise to complete ground-up projects from design inception to project opening.
Shops of Valencia project (IHOP), Tucson, AZ
Shops of Valencia project (IHOP), Tucson, AZ
Shops of Valencia project (IHOP), Tucson, AZ
The Peaks at Asheville, a new lifestyle retail center project, Asheville, NC.

Our approach is to build timeless, relevant properties with a solid foundation anchored in consumer demand. Christifulli Companies is made up of experienced men and women who are focused on developing and delivering great projects. Our core values of innovation, courage and commitment are the foundation we use to ensure continued success on each and every project we undertake.


Banking on the success of our ground-up developments, our partners at Christifulli have effectively completed a number of redevelopment projects around the country. We see the potential value in tired assets, and we can provide a strategic vision and profitable outcome on the recycling of an asset.
United Artists cinema theater image
Starbucks image
R-Taco image
Redevelopment of United Artists Theater to retail center, Grand Prairie, TX


Our partners take a very strategic and calculated approach to acquiring centers and projects that fit our portfolio guidelines. We are focused on acquiring land for ground up projects, value add and redevelopment projects, and re-tenanting projects. Throughout our relationships with disposition specialist throughout the country and our own network of shopping center owners, we can also consult with your company when the time comes to grow your asset pool.